Line Earrings Hammered Texture

SKU: Hammered Line Earring

Simple textured 'Line' silver earrings made from blocks of solid silver.

I love the aesthetics of square pieces of silver and how they can be stacked and attached in many ways.

Handmade and hand textured, these have a lovely 'hammered' surface achieved with an old hammer.

Measuring around 10mm x 2mm (almost 1cm by 0.2cm) and weighing around 1 gram each.

Double notched earring back with scroll for a secure fit.

Packaged with recycled materials

  • Care Instructions

    Jewellery care

    A piece of jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

    Avoid all water, perfume, lotions and household cleaning products. 

    Take it off when you sleep or do physical activities.

    Store jewellery separately, not jumbled together.

    Oxidised (black/grey) areas

    This is a chemical process, it will wear off over time and you must expect this. It gives a piece character as it changes. It will not discolour your skin or harm you. 


United Kingdom

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